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31 January 2014 ~ Comments Off

Heroku log drains into Logstash

The first and obvious option for shipping logs from a heroku app to Logstash is the heroku input plugin. However, this requires installing the Heroku gem and deploying the login + password of a Heroku user to your Logstash server(s). At this time it se…

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08 December 2013 ~ Comments Off

Sensu and Graphite, Part 2

In a previous post I described two methods for routing metrics generated by Sensu clients to Graphite:

use a pipe handler to send metrics via TCP to graphite
use Graphite's AMQP (rabbitmq) support.

Method #1 was simply described for completeness…

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01 June 2013 ~ Comments Off

Sensu Presentation from CentOS Dojo Phoenix

I was invited to speak at CentOS Dojo in Phoenix, AZ recently (May 2013) about the Sensu monitoring framework. I wanted to do something a little bit different than past presentations and try to show some use cases that fit what Sensu can do rather than…

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06 January 2013 ~ Comments Off

Solving monitoring state storage problems using Redis

Redis is an in-memory key-value data store that provides a small number of primitives suitable to the task of building monitoring systems. As a lot of us are hacking in this space I thought I’d write a blog post summarizing where I’ve been…

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30 October 2012 ~ Comments Off

Collecting Metrics from Ruby Processes with Zabbix Trappers

Justin and I have recently started using Zabbix for monitoring, in place of Nagios. We’ve also taken the opportunity to start collecting even more metrics than before.
One nice thing about Zabbix is that it can use pre-existing Nagios monitoring …

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28 September 2012 ~ Comments Off

Monitoring health of Dell/LSI RAID arrays with Ganglia

I have couple hundred Dell systems with LSI RAID arrays however we lacked hardware monitoring which would occasionally result in situations where there would be multiple disk failures that would not get caught. Some time ago I read this post about usin…

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01 September 2012 ~ Comments Off

My monitoring setup

On Twitter Grig Gheorghiu posed a number of questions about monitoring tools and what he wants in a monitoring tool. This is my attempt at describing what my setup looks like or has looked like in the past.
1. Metrics acquisition / performance trending…

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11 August 2012 ~ Comments Off

Our #monitoringsucks rpm is repository available

Not only our Rubygems Builds have changed, but also my internal #monitoringsucks repository.
You might have noticed a variety of vagrant- projects on my github acount…

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01 May 2012 ~ Comments Off

Devops in Munich

Devopsdays Mountainview sold out in a short 3 hours .. but there’s other events that will breath devops this summer.
DrupalCon in Munich will be one of them ..
Some of you might have noticed that I`m cochairing the devops track for DrupalCon Munich…

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29 March 2012 ~ Comments Off

Adding context to your alerts

I am a big believer in adding context to alerts. This allows the recipient of an alert to make a better decision on how to deal with an alert. It’s often hard to classify alerts so providing as much context to the alert is extremely helpful. For instan…

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