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08 December 2013 ~ Comments Off

Sensu and Graphite, Part 2

In a previous post I described two methods for routing metrics generated by Sensu clients to Graphite:

use a pipe handler to send metrics via TCP to graphite
use Graphite's AMQP (rabbitmq) support.

Method #1 was simply described for completeness…

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05 February 2013 ~ Comments Off


During my Puppetcamp Gent talk last week, I explained how to get alerts based on trends from graphite. A number of people asked ,e how to do that.
First lets quickly explain why you might want to do that .
Sometimes you don’t care about the current val…

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11 August 2012 ~ Comments Off

Our #monitoringsucks rpm is repository available

Not only our Rubygems Builds have changed, but also my internal #monitoringsucks repository.
You might have noticed a variety of vagrant- projects on my github acount…

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23 March 2012 ~ Comments Off

FlossUK and Puppetcamp Edinburgh

I’ve just finished presenting my talk on how I currently work on Puppet modules at Puppetcamp here in Edinburgh where I’ve been for the week talking on both FlossUK 2012 and Puppetcamp.
7 tools for your devops stack
View more presentations from Kri…

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02 February 2012 ~ Comments Off

Sensu and Graphite

Updated December 7, 2013: I no longer recommend using the approach described in this post. Please read Sensu and Graphite, Part 2 instead.
Updated October 16, 2012: Removed “passive”:”true” from the graphite amqp handler defini…

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03 January 2012 ~ Comments Off

Graphite, JMXTrans, Ganglia, Logster, Collectd, say what ?

Given that @patrickdebois is working on improving data collection I thought it would be a good idea to describe the setup I currently have hacked together.
(Something which can be used as a starting point to improve stuff, and I have to write document…

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03 January 2012 ~ Comments Off

#monitoringsucks and we’ll fix it !

If you are hacking on monitoring solutions, and want to talk to your peers solving the problem
Block the monday and tuesday after fosdem in your calendar !
That’s right on february 6 and 7 a bunch of people interrested to fix the problem will be meetin…

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08 October 2011 ~ Comments Off

GDash – Graphite Dashboard

I love graphite, I think it’s amazing, I specifically love that it’s essentially Stats as a Service for your network since you can get hold of the raw data to integrate into other tools. I’ve started pushing more and more things to it on my network like all my Munin data as per my previous […]

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